Services for modern business

Zelly Work
Streamline work across the company

Zelly Works is the solution for all companies, regardless of industry, who want to create a more efficient way of working. In Zelly Works various packages, we offer everything from collaboration and productivity apps to smart security functions and much more – to give companies a safe, flexible and productive workplace.

A fully designed intranet

With Easy Intra you get both a neat, simple and smart intranet created on SharePoint Online, part of Microsoft 365. Instead of building the intranet itself from a basic platform, we deliver your intranet completely designed!

Security Operations Center
Safe monitoring against cyber threats

Along with advanced AI and Microsoft, Zelly analyzes, monitors and acts IT-related threats to your business in real time. This is to ensure that unwanted behavior is detected, identified, classified and managed immediately.

Are you interested in hardware? See our offers where we sell both hardware and networks as a service, adapted to all companies of different sizes. Check out our shop!