Limited in its availability, had an IT environment that was locked to the office.


The solution was to move out Parkman’s IT environment to Zelly’s cloud platform Works, where Zelly tailor-made a workplace solution according to Parkman’s needs.


Increased productivity
As Zelly Works creates the ability to reach their desks everywhere and the ability to work anywhere, at any time, Parkman’s productivity has increased and enables them to work smarter and being able to get more things done.

Safe and efficient
All data is backed up securely on reliable data centers and the standardized workplace is set up in minutes instead of days.

Cost-effective and more environmentally friendly everyday life
Today, Parkman is not dependent on being in the office anymore. Instead, they can reach all their files and applications anywhere. This has meant that they save a lot of money on unnecessary transport costs and also a victory for the environment, where they do not cause unnecessary environmental emissions anymore.


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