The story of an innovative IT company

Zelly was founded in 2015 by the friends Jonathan Sabelström and André Isberg. With their various excellence and experience in IT, they wanted to create an IT company that would deliver high-quality IT solutions for all types of companies, both large and small.
The biggest focus was already in the development phase to facilitate as much as possible for the potential customer – and customer satisfaction is still Zelly’s highest priority today.
About a year later Rickard Rosén also joined the company with great expertise in sales from, among others, Visma. His expertise was a perfect complement to Jonathan and André’s competences within IT.
Together, they now make up the management of Zelly and are highly responsible for their respective areas and customers.


At Zelly, we want everyone to wake up with a smile on their lips and feel that it is fun to go to work. Common to our employees is the drive and passion, where everyone is passionate about their respective areas – which we know is important if one is to be able to develop and grow in his role.
Since we are a group that likes to do things, we often manage both smaller and larger events together. Where everyone is welcome to come up with ideas, it can be anything from playing ghost ball, going to cooking classes or going on fun kick-offs together, both within and outside the national borders!
By combining hard work with laughter and joy, our vision is to create a team-feeling, where everyone in the company is a team player in a winning team – and the journey with Zelly we’re doing together!

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