An easier and better looking intranet


Ett enklare och snyggare intranät

An easier and better looking intranet!

With Easy Intra, you get a neat, easy and smart intranet created on SharePoint Online, part of Office 365. Instead of building the intranet yourself from a base platform, we deliver your intranet completely fully designed.

With Easy Intra, you will have access to all your documents directly on the homepage. With one click, you can start working in your documents right from the browser from whatever platform you’re working from, such as computer, tablet or smartphone. On the same homepage you have immediate access to news, events, collaboration and a smart search function. You can easily connect the services contract management, project room and process map. Easy Intra is a simple platform which makes it a natural tool for everyone in the company to work effectively.

Get a quick overview of what happened at the company


With EasyIntra you start on the start page where you quickly get a simple overview of the company’s latest news. You also have access to all your documents, events, collaboration rooms and a smart search function.

Easily create, share, and manage documents in SharePoint


Easily reach all your documents, where all the work you do is continuously saved in the Microsoft SharePoint environment. On the start page you see the name of the document, a brief description of what they include, who last made changes and who created the documents. It is also possible to set notifications when a change is made to a document or to schedule a report to be emailed to you at a specific time.

Find the right document in no time

Document search

Sometimes it’s hard to remember where you have saved specific documents. It may have been a long time since a document was used. With the search function you can enter ”budget 2018”, so the search engine makes a quick search for the document name and text in any document you have saved, whether it’s a PDF, Word or Excel file and the search engine presents all options. We have spent a lot of time optimizing the search function because it is often used to quickly and efficiently find the right document. Many today use the search function as the first step to work so you do not have to look up and save a lot of time.

Collaborate more easily with colleagues and customers through collaboration rooms

Internal & External rooms

In the collaboration rooms, you create a common area for working and communicating about specific projects – a smarter folder can be said!
Here, all documents are gathered in one place and a list of contact details of the persons involved in the project. This is governed so that you decide what the users should have access to. It’s easy to create or upload new documents to the collaboration room – where each document is presented by name, who last made a change and what kind of document it is.

Find the right person for the right case

Staff search

Easily find contact information for people at the company, through the smart feature search. If you are a larger company, it may sometimes be difficult to find the right person for the right job, so you can easily search for people’s skills and properties to easily find the right person for the right job.

You can easily add contract management, project room  or process map services! 


Price for EasyIntra

5000 SEK


20 000 SEK in implementation cost.