What's Azure?

Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure) is a growing collection of integrated cloud services offering a variety of services in the form of servers, file storage / recovery, databases, analysis, identity and access management, development, user management, backup and security. With Azure you get the freedom to create and distribute anywhere, with the tools, programs and framework you want to use!

Why Azure?

With Azure, you get the freedom and flexibility to create and distribute anywhere, with the tools, applications, and framework you want to use. Microsoft Azure offers high-quality privacy options and manages responsibly the data they store and process. With Microsoft Azure, you have full control of your own customer information, so you know where the information is stored, how it is protected, and who has access to your data.

Migrate to Azure

Zelly is certified within Azure and is happy to help you migrate to Microsoft Azure. We start by making a preliminary study of your environment and then analyzing the environment and depending on how the environment looks, we set up a strategy after that. By moving your data center to Microsoft Azure, your business can gain many benefits in terms of higher efficiency, greater flexibility, lower costs, and better performance for your applications and services.